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    Quidditch by the Numbers

    Now that the dust has settled from World Cup, my Anonymous Associate and I thought it would be worthwhile to look through the numbers on game length and scoring data from throughout the season and see how impactful the snitch was.

    Our initial feeling was that the snitch was too impactful relative total quaffle points scored. We recently scraped a complete set of games played last season, so we thought we'd put our idea the test.

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    The Great Migration

    As I'm back in the job market, I figured it was time to clean up some of my site internals. I've learned a lot about a lot since I first built it and my scss in particular was really showing its age. While I was in the trenches, I realized there was another big pain point I could fix: my blog.

    For a long time, I had my blog in two places. It actually lived on tumblr, but I mirrored it on the blog section of my site using tumblr's APIv1. This was accomplished with some jQuery that would trigger on load and populate a <ul> element.

    This was fine, but it meant I was maintaining two sets of css and user experience was inconsistent depending on which platform they were reading on. I was already leveraging middleman to generate my static site and found that they have a blogging extension. Moving all my posts would allow me to check my posts into git and use triple ` notation for code blocks. The only hiccup was that tumblr has no way to export all of your posts, so it was time to dive back into their API. The game was afoot.

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    Heroku CLI Plugins and You

    We as developers are working in a golden age of programming where pushing code has never been easier. My personal favorite place to deploy things is Heroku because of its customizability, clear (and cheap) pricing structure, and powerful tools.

    The most powerful place developers interact with the Heroku platform is on the command line. The recent release of a new version of their CLI gave me a great excuse to rewrite an abandoned plugin that I relied on. Unfortunately, save a pair of very helpful doc pages, there were relatively few resources on some of the corner cases you hit while developing a plugin. Here, I'll aim to guide you through some of them.

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    What's in a Name?

    Last May, I finished college and promptly moved out to Palo Alto to join RelateIQ, a "but we're not a CRM" startup aimed at eventually toppling the giant that is Salesforce. It's worth noting that I didn't know what CRM was nor was I aware what exactly Salesforce's product was, but I was totally sold on the people and the team at RIQ. I felt confident that whatever we went on to do, it would be great.

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    Pythonista Power Pack

    Pythonista is an amazing iOS app that brings the power of a python IDE to your iPhone, complete with an interpreter and a set of custom-made modules for interacting with the phone's ecosystem (contacts, clipboard, etc). It's powerful out of the box, but there are some easy improvements that you can make so that development really is a breeze, namely the ability to download public gists and Dropbox syncing. Both are pretty straightforward and require minimal coding expertise (but of course, that doesn't bother you. You're still reading this, after all).

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