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  • The Story of David's Dark Past

    There he stood, in the rain, on his last night in town. Gazing over the city, laid before him like lights on a tree, he fondly remembered the times he spent in residence there. Permanent, it had seemed, but all too fleeting in practice. Experiences of adventure, danger, and love alike flooded his mind, all too soon to be left behind in that small mountain city. But the only way to conquer is to move on, thus he got in the car and drove off.

    He was troubled as he drove west. That last mission went well, but it seemed all too easy. Between the bevy of midnight car chases and the smattering of (PG Rated, of course) sex scenes, it seemed to clear itself up a little too cleanly. "No matter" he thought to himself. "Best thing to do now is just to keep on with the mission and avoid anything unpla..." And then the phone rang.

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  • To Infinity and Beyond

    I feel good about the fact that, for the most part, I live my life free of any vices. That is, except for one:


    I'll admit, I've been addict for a while now. Starting in 8th grade, I met a set of friends who loved to explore and experience the wonderful space that is Boulder, CO. My summer was spent surfing from couch to couch (when I got around to sleeping) not being home for days at a time despite being less than a mile from home. Despite being a homebody, summer is a time to be OUT.

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