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  • If I Were a Recycling Manager, What a Difference I Would Make

    This is a piece I wrote for the city of Houston's Public Service Recognition Week in 2010. It ended up winning me first prize and a nice ceremony in the library, which was neat.

    "Oh, just grab a bottle of water, honey. We can carry it in our pocket, drink it, and then just toss it out somewhere along the way." This conversation is heard in my house all too often. In America, the most wasteful country in the world, Houston regularly finds itself at the bottom of the recycling list. However, all is not lost: if I were a Recycling Manager, I would make recycling easy and fun, sending the city on its way to a greener life.

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  • Two Sides of the Same Coin

    Good and evil, black and white, light and shadow: the classic dichotomy of our society.

    We're so obsessed with characterizing ourselves as either one or the other. So much so, in fact, that we disregard people who aren't of our alignment. A virtuous person doesn't make a habit of fraternizing with criminals, and vice versa (assuming for ease of argument that everyone fits into D&D's 9 personality alignments).

    We preoccupy ourselves with what other people think of us. We capitalize on social outlets so that everyone else can know how virtuous we are. If we do bad things, we (usually) don't broadcast it. We operate under the assumption that if we're more staunchly nice or mean, we'll get more rewards appropriate with such a station (be they wealth, power, respect, whatever floats your boat).

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