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  • Augmenting Automation on iOS With the Power of Python and Workflow

    AppShoppper. Launch Center Pro. IFTTT. Pythonista.

    Long ago, the four apps lived apart in harmony. Then, everything changed when iOS 8 was released. Only Workflow, master of all four apps, could help them.

    Workflow is a new iOS app that brings automater-like execution flows to your mobile device. You can take output from any action and chain it as input for another. Additionally, you can create iOS8 share sheets, allowing input to come from all over your phone. Previously, each of the aforementioned apps could do great thing (though only one thing at a time). Together, they're worth far more than the sum of their parts as Workflow brings all of their strengths together into one sleek automation machine.

    For instance, we can get a push notification from AppShopper.com when an app we're watching goes on sale. Clicking the notification will trigger some python that tells us the regular and current prices, and on confirmation, send us over to that app in the store.

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