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  • Pythonista Power Pack

    Pythonista is an amazing iOS app that brings the power of a python IDE to your iPhone, complete with an interpreter and a set of custom-made modules for interacting with the phone's ecosystem (contacts, clipboard, etc). It's powerful out of the box, but there are some easy improvements that you can make so that development really is a breeze, namely the ability to download public gists and Dropbox syncing. Both are pretty straightforward and require minimal coding expertise (but of course, that doesn't bother you. You're still reading this, after all).

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  • Augmenting Automation on iOS With the Power of Python and Workflow

    AppShoppper. Launch Center Pro. IFTTT. Pythonista.

    Long ago, the four apps lived apart in harmony. Then, everything changed when iOS 8 was released. Only Workflow, master of all four apps, could help them.

    Workflow is a new iOS app that brings automater-like execution flows to your mobile device. You can take output from any action and chain it as input for another. Additionally, you can create iOS8 share sheets, allowing input to come from all over your phone. Previously, each of the aforementioned apps could do great thing (though only one thing at a time). Together, they're worth far more than the sum of their parts as Workflow brings all of their strengths together into one sleek automation machine.

    For instance, we can get a push notification from AppShopper.com when an app we're watching goes on sale. Clicking the notification will trigger some python that tells us the regular and current prices, and on confirmation, send us over to that app in the store.

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  • Errors Are Usually Bad! A Cautionary Tale

    The worst part about programming is that the computer does exactly what you tell it to. Exactly.

    Here at RelateIQ I work in Internal Tools, or building products for other employees. My most recent project has involved a pythong script moving data out of a database and into the product itself so a bunch of users could be slung through our new Marketo integration and contacted.

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  • The Week of Code is Here!

    As you may or may not be aware, Code.org is a non-profit that aims to bring computer science education to people of all ages. They put out some great videos like this one illustrating how cool computer science is. Their message is one about the future and I think it's something really worth pursuing because at its core, it's a message about how you can change the world.

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  • What the Hell is a Python?

    It's a large genus of snake found mostly in Africa and the sub-continent of Asia. Wait, that's not important right now.

    Really though, Python a programming language. It's good for lots of simple tasks and I think everyone should know a bit about it. It also has the added bonus of being popular for data manipulation. It doesn't matter what field you're in, there's going to be some task that can be improved or eased by a computer doing more of the lifting for you. This guide is aimed at people with no technological experience and should be easy to pick up and help you be computer-awesome in no time.

    Remember: Learning to code is a lot like riding a bike: you're still a fine person if you can't, but learning to do so will save you a lot of time.

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