Software Engineer and all around tinkerer. I like productivity apps, automation, and folk music.


Zapier 2016-09-19 —

Platform Engineer

Dividing my time between adding new features to existing integrations, writing new ones, and working on the developer platform.

SalesforceIQ 2014-05-19 — 2016-05-18

Software Engineer - Internal Tools

Created internal tools that upped the productivity of other employees, both technical and non-technical. Also worked directly with the CTO to quickly roll out (mostly) pre-alpha and MVPs of new projects.


  • Acquired by Salesforce 3 months after joining
  • Re-wrote internal information site in the interest of stability and user experience
  • Created a full-featured ruby sdk to access our API
  • Architected a testing framework from scratch to provide unit tests for our Zapier app
  • Maintained a set of ruby and javascript scripts and plugins that drove business operations

International Referee Development Program 2014-03-20 —

Technical Director

Technical lead responsible for the creation and maintenance of the IRDP website.


  • Worked closely with the International Quidditch Association to power worldwide referee certification tools
  • Internationalized most of the site into 3 languages
  • Used Parse to implement backend and authentication and expanded Parse Ruby Gem to fit site needs

backstitch 2013-05-15 — 2013-08-15

Software Development Intern

Full stack web development, focusing on Rails. Creating webpages from mockups, improving data processing for external links, and social media management.


  • Learned Ruby/Rails, Javascript, and HAML on the fly to be able to be a productive member of the team
  • Aided marketing intern int he production of Google ADWords campaigns, demographic targeting, and UX design

Fetchnotes 2012-05-15 — 2012-08-15

Software Engineer Intern

Backend development on a Python/Tornado stack. Developed on the API and improved object oriented design of storage objects.


  • Expanded upon a flexible API to afford access to Mongo objects both internally and (eventually) other developers

Michigan Quidditch 2010-10-01 — 2014-05-01

Co-Founder, Webmaster, Director of External Relations

Along with two others, founded and nurtured the team into greatness


  • The team won multiple tournaments, was the only team to ever beat Middlebury (World Cup V), and was at one point ranked #3 in the world
  • Planned two incredibly successful Yule Balls (2013, 2014) which both sold out (raising generous capital)
  • Coordinated a successful Indiegogo campaign that raised $2600

Kol HaKavod A Cappella 2010-09-01 — 2014-05-01


Participated in twice-weekly rehearsals, frequent gigs, and twice-yearly concerts.


  • Competed twice in Kol HaOlam (National Jewish A Cappella competition) in Washington DC, winning 3rd place on our second outing
  • Recorded an awesome CD!

Life Support Development Ministry 2010-06-01 — 2010-09-01


Coordinated day care activities for under-privileged youth in inner-city Houston.


  • Coordinated outings, such as a group trip to the Houston Zoo
  • Acted both as a role model and a source of stability for kids generally lacking in these areas

University of Michigan 2010-09-04 — 2014-05-02

Social Computing Informatics
Bachelor of Arts


  • [EECS 492] User Interface Development
  • [SI 422] Usability Evaluation
  • [SI 401] Ethics and Information Technology
  • [EECS 388] Computer Security
  • [SI 301] Models of Social Information Processing
  • [EECS 281] Data Structures and Algorithms

GTM Hero

Awarded 2016-05-09
by SalesforceIQ
Awarded for "Acts of cross-functional heroism" and enabling the sales team to excel as a result of extraordinary work

Programming Languages

  • Typescript
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Swift

Frameworks and More

  • ReactJS
  • Redux
  • Django
  • MongoDB
Native Speaker