David Brownman


  • I was a maintainer for the Parse Ruby Client while Parse was still free.
  • I once found a bug in Chrome that got fixed.
  • I whipped up a piece of middleware so I could parse PayPal emails into IFTTT. I also wrote a blog post about the process.
  • There's also my list of IFTTT recipes that do neat things!
  • I wrote a workflow for Editorial that allows you to post documents to tumblr and have them parsed correctly.
  • I wrote a python script on a plane that lets 2 players play 3D tic-tac-toe.
  • My (under construction) dotfiles can be found here, letting you bootstrap a mac laptop that acts a lot like mine do.


  • I was the co-founder, president, and webmaster of the highly ranked Michigan Quidditch Team throughout college.
  • I gave a presentation about morality and choice in games for a design class.
  • This site's favicon may look it was drawn by a 5 year old, but it was me. I'm not particularly artistic, but I wanted to build this site myself (which meant favicon too). I'm super proud of the way it turned out. Otherwise, the site was designed mostly by Jennifer Herzberg with some helpfully rejected suggestions from myself.


I'm very list oriented. Here are a few of the ways I track my life. I've done projects to help manage these, but I mostly stick to Airtable these days.

Around the Web

  • My npm account, which has any javascript packages I've uploaded.
  • My RubyGems profile, where you can see the public ruby code I maintain.
  • My Stackoverflow profile, where I sometimes appear less clueless than I am.
  • My Keybase profile, which verifies my identity and lists my public key. Feel free to send me snarky messages meant for my eyes only.
  • My Kickstarter profile. I'd try to kick the habit if there weren't so many great projects!
  • My vine profile, discretized snippets of 6 second awesomeness.
  • My Instagram account, full of ART.
  • My untappd profile, where I track the good, the bad, and the Bud Light.
  • My IMDB page (that I never thought I'd actually have).


  • I explained what informatics is and is and whether it's a real major. Since I majored in it, it's become a BSI.