David Brownman

  • typed-install - (typescript, npm, cli) - March, 2018 - app - info

    To ease the pain of hunting down typings while installing new npm dependencies, I made this to do the work for me. It's got a nice UX and follows all the conventions of finding where the typings might live. It also makes it very clear what got installed and what is still missing.

  • Kerfuffle v3 - (typescript, react, airtable, heroku) - December, 2017 - app - info

    Now that Wunderlist is on the way out, this now pulls data from Airtable. Goal is still the same: pick a random piece media from my to watch/read sources and surface info about it. The front-end has also been re-written in React. See below for the history of the app.

  • Seymour - (typescript, slack, heroku) - October, 2017 - app - info

    A feed processor for Slack which specializes in very nice unfurls. Pairs well with Zapier.

  • Monopoly - (typescript, angular, pug) - February, 2017 - app - info

    Rather than track our Safeway monopoly tickets by hand, I made a quick site to see if we'd won any prizes.

  • word-count - (typescript, npm, cli) - September, 2016 - app - info

    As part of an ongoing project to track everything I read and watch, this is a cli app to get a rough count of the number of words in a novel.

  • Publists - (typescript, angular, pug, oauth, heroku) - June, 2016 - info

    A way to publicly share my Wunderlists, in absence of a 1st party way to do so. Also, my first real foray into Typescript.

  • heroku-config - (node, npm, heroku, mocha) - April, 2016 - package - info

    A rewrite of a CLI tool used to push and pull config variables from heroku using the new v4 CLI. Includes a full suite of tests and complies with the best practices set out by the Heroku developers.

  • Dead Simple - (angularjs, node, socket.io) - February, 2016 - app - info

    Quick proof of concept for making an infinite-room chat system using socket.io. Also a good excuse to start exploring the "wonderful world" of JS build tools.

  • Kerfuffle v2 - (angularjs, node, express, jade) - December, 2015 - code

    The second incarnation of my front-end learning project, it picks a random item from my to watch|read wunerlists and gives some extra info about it. Fairly extensible as far as new lists and datasources are concerned.

  • Pitch Awesome - (iOS, swift, audacity) - October, 2015 - - info

    My first foray into iOS, an a cappella assistant app. It stores your group's setlist along with the starting notes for each song. I also built a full pitch pipe into the app so that you can always be sure to be on key. The app is currently otu of the app store, as I don't have an Apple developer membership anymore.

  • Quidditch API - (nodejs, express, mongoose, mongo, mocha) - June, 2015 - site - info

    A performant mongoose schema for storing a historical record of quidditch matches. Data is written in via cooperation with national quidditch leagues around the world. The project's main goal was allow any interested quidditch developers to access an updated teams & games resource for their own projects.

  • IRDP Website - (ruby, sinatra, haml, scss, js, parse) - August, 2014 - site - info

    The central testing hub for the International Referee Development Program. The site acts as a central hub for quidditch referee testing, payment, and reference. The site also provides a full set of guides and pages, all available in multiple languages (though I didn't do any translating).

  • Kerfuffle - (ruby, sinatra, angular, haml, heroku) - July, 2014 - code

    A web form that would search a tv show by name and give you a random episode (with details) to watch from it. Great for shuffling through Netflix shows.

  • Website Redesign - (haml, scss, js, middleman) - January, 2014 - uncompiled source

    My old site was great, but a little bare bones. Tired with the tedium of writing straight HTML and CSS, I set up a middleman server so I could develop in a rails-like environment (haml, scss, partials, etc) and then generate a static site out of that. I got a nice responsive template from html5boilerplate and gutted it to meet my needs. Additionally, Google's code-prettify syntax highlights any code that shows up on the site. How cool is that?

  • StackPro - (ruby, rails, haml, scss, js, mongo) - December, 2013 - app - info

    A neat little project that was used as part of my application to the hackerati that tracks how many questions are asked and answered on stackoverflow each hour. One of my earliest solo projects that had any useful functionality.

  • Kinect481 UI - (ruby, sinatra, haml, scss, js, mongodb) - October, 2013 -

    This was designed as a UI for children with cerebral palsy who lack the fine motor control needed for a keyboard and mouse. A MS kinect would register input in a cardinal direction and my UI would do the database manipulation to store that value and communicate it back to the tower. Project with Cory and his group. Currently offline.

  • LoLAPI - (python, tornado, json, API, regex) - March, 2013 - app - info

    Originally designed as the end-all resource for League of Legends data, this was a huge project. Pulling data from multiple sources to create json representation of characters and their stats.